STRequest - Strata Testing Request Utility

STRequest - the Strata Testing Services Test Request Utility

STRequest is provided free of charge by Strata Testing Services (STS) to allow test requests to be completed quickly and easily... once complete STRequest allows you to send test requests directly to STS, electronically.

Sending test requests with STRequest saves you and STS time, provides you with a record of requested tests, and allows STS to concentrate on testing and reporting your samples with increased efficiency.

STRequest can be installed or updated to the latest version directly from this page using STRequest’s installation program STRequest-Setup.exe - simply click on the link below and when prompted select Run (to install directly) or Save (to save and then run on your PC).  STRequest should not be open on your PC when updating.

Current version: v1.7.02 (17 November 2015)            >> Install or Update STRequest now...

STRequestSetup is designed to install without ‘administrator’ control, but may require ‘administrator’ logon depending on the configuration of your PC - if STRequest cannot be installed contact your IT people for assistance.

Please contact Strata Testing Services with questions regarding STRequest, testing or sending samples for test.

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