Clover Technology is the home of ...

GALENA is a  trademark and registrered trademark of Clover Associates Pty Ltd

 ... the Slope Stability Analysis software system
     used in 73 countries around the world.

Clover Technology are the developers of GALENA and provide worldwide sales and support for GALENA.

GALENA users include many of the world's major mining companies, geotechnical specialists and consultants, regulatory authorities and universities.

To learn about GALENA or purchase a GALENA Licence ...

       ... and discover how GALENA can assist you with your Slope Stability Analysis problems.

Clover Technology are also the developers of software programs:

  • StrataLab - used by Strata Testing Services (STS) for test calculation and electronic reporting.
  • STRequest - provided by Strata Testing Services to their clients for electronic test requests.

Clover Technology also designed and installed a new sophisticated state-of-the-art PC-based data acquisition system for Strata Testing Services, the results of which have been seen in most STS test reports since 2007.

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